Our current rate is 8% on all transactions. Please keep an eye on this page in case our rates change before ordering.


EXAMPLE: At a rate of 8% a £50 transfer will give you £46 worth cryptocurrency. A £250 transfer you will receive £230 and so forth. Please keep up to date on our current rates, we are always trying to be competitive with our vendor rates. Upon purchase, you will receive a digital download PDF of these terms & conditions below.




It is very important to please provide your wallet address within the payment details when purchasing cryptocurrency to make the transaction faster (transactions are typically complete within 48 hours). The same goes for when selling crypto you will need to provide your bank details. If you haven't provided us with details we will then have to contact you through email which can usually cause the process to take longer. 


All purchases are final and there are strictly no refunds. Due to the volatility of the crypto market almost every second changing, refunds and exchanges cannot be processed to accuracy. 


We have the right to refuse custom or ask for verification at any given time if we have the suspicion of any fraudulent activity. 

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