Frequently asked questions

I don't have Discord, is it free and easy to use?

Yes, Discord is free to download on both apple and android app store as well as the desktop app. It's a simple to use as any other messaging app i.e. WhatsApp

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by logging into your account on our website and managing your subscription at

How do I join the discord server?

You can join our discord server if you head to our website and subscribe for a monthly or lifetime membership at

Is there risk involved?

Like with any investment, risk is always involved. Never risk what you can't lose and always be prepared. Please read our risk disclaimer at

When can I start making money?

Results vary. Some people make money their first week while others take a few weeks. Watch the trainings in the “7 Day Profit Plan” to learn how to make money trading with no experience!

How do I set up my trading account?

This requires a few steps, watch the video “How to Set Up my Broker Account” to do this right away!

Trading looks confusing! Will I be able to understand it?

Just like many new things that you begin learning, it can take some time to get you head around certain concepts. However we host weekly calls to help you get a better understanding of the markets. We also have a general chat where all questions can be asked.